Data Protection and Privacy Policy SEO DIVER

(Last update: 18 May 2010)


Data protection and privacy are matters of trust, and your trust in us matters. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and place great emphasis on compliance with applicable laws and regulations on data protection and privacy. Herein below we would like to inform you about the data that we must capture when you use SEO DIVER (generally for technical reasons) and/or which data are captured automatically. The data will not, of course, be shared with any third party.


Data capture and utilisation

When you register for SEO DIVER, you will be asked to provide personal data (e.g., name, company, address). We rely on such data for the purposes of creating, executing and modifying the contractual relationship.


In addition, whenever SEO DIVER is accessed, we capture the following information automatically:

  • Customer ID
  • IP address
  • Date and time of the data transfer
  • Path of the queried file
  • http status code
  • Referrer URL
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used

This data will be stored and analysed only for the purposes of designing and improving the software in such a way that it meets users‘ needs as well as for the purposes of securing the software’s operation. Your data will not be shared with companies, advertisers or any other third party.


Of course, Abakus Internet Marketing GmbH, will not use your data for business purposes other than those related to the provision of the service.



Our website uses ‚cookies‘. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your data carrier. Cookies store specific settings and data necessary for the exchange between our system and your browser. They help us to optimise the website for you, and they facilitate your use of the service, for example, by storing some of your input so that you do not have to re-enter such information repeatedly. In addition, we require cookies for our and your security in order to rule out any multiple use of SEO DIVER, which is not permitted.


They may also be used on our website for such services as Analytics and/or AdSense of Google Inc. These two services may send cookies from Google Inc. or a third party to you and store them in your browser. Google and a third party thus authorised by Google can read these cookies.


You can change the settings of your browser to limit the use of cookies, but such settings may result in our website not working for you any longer or only with limited functionality.


Request for information

At any time you can request information, free of charge, on your personal data that has been stored. Furthermore, you are entitled to demand the correction, deletion or blocking of incorrect data. Under specific circumstances, deletion may be prevented by statutory provisions, particularly in connection with data for invoicing and accounting purposes.



By confirming this data protection and privacy statement and registering for SEO DIVER, you agree to the capture and processing of data as described above. This consent may be revoked at any time to future effect. In the event that the consent is revoked, the use of SEO DIVER will no longer be possible for technical reasons.


I hereby consent to the capture and utilisation of data as described above.


If you have questions on data protection in connection with SEO DIVER that have not been answered in this statement, please direct your queries to:

  • Abakus Internet Marketing GmbH
  • Blumenauer Str. 1
  • 30449 Hannover, Germany
  • Tel.: +49 (0)511-21 35 96 82
  • Fax: +49 (0)511-21 35 96 84
  • E-Mail: privacy@seodiver.com