Search Engine Reach

Search performance analysis of up to five domains over a time span of last weeks.
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Keyword Research

Creation of relevant keywords with search volume and Google specific attributes.
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Backlink Verification

Verification of existing back link list providing additional attributes and data.
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Web Authorities

Listing of the most linked to websites from top positioned websites to find web authorities.
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SEO DIVER assists you in your day-to-day monitoring and analysis of competitors, keyword research and analytical backlink research. Our tool can help you optimise your online shop/website, making it more targeted and efficient.


SEO DIVER offers an in-depth perspective into the performance of domains, keywords, and backlinks in many international search markets, equipped with a database of over 77 million domains indexed in search engines and more than 300 million keywords.


One main feature of the SEO Tool Centre is its realistic database that, unlike comparable SEO tools, also analyses the number and search behaviour of real, actual search queries in addition to the statistical and artificially extrapolated data.