Web Authorities

This tool assists in the search for high-value and on-topic new link partners with authority sites. The most important backlinks from the best-positioned pages on a special keyword are viewed and common hits are filtered during the analysis. The results include a list of websites linked by at least two pages that are already well positioned, which are known as authority sites.


Example data

  • ‘iowa’:
    Clicking the ‘Search’ button loads the top eight results of the Google search on the keyword ‘iowa’. This selection serves as a guide and can be reduced or increased manually as desired (max. 20 rows). All URLs within the selection are incorporated into the search for new authority sites.



Next Step

Results are issued as a table. The ‘No.’ column serves as a guide within the table. A maximum of 50 results is issued per page. The displayed results are sorted according to the number of matching common backlinks. In addition, the average Search Engine Reach is issued for every result.


Once the domains to be incorporated have been selected, the range of TLD/ccTLD must be selected. This selection improves the result if, for example, users search exclusively for new linking opportunities to ‘.co.uk pages’.


Get Web Authorities

Click ‘Search Authority sites’ and the search process is then triggered. It may take up to ten minutes, depending on the number of domains incorporated into the search and the number of TLDs selected.



Please note:

Known overlapping pages like wikipedia.org, mister-wong.de or dmoz.org, for example, should be excluded because the probability of a common link structure with these sites is high and often leads to results that are not on-topic. The restriction to on-topic hosts is the key to a perfect search result.